AIM 2018

June 25th Monday   Welcome Ceremony

Welcome ceremony was held at the Olympic Center. We played “Anything goes in bascket” game as an ice-breaker. At the ceremony, all of our participants did little presentations on their impressions on Japan. The Japanese students also did a presentation about the AIM project and the IIR organizations.
We also enjoyed our first Japanese dinner together!

ウェルカム (40).jpg
大東建託 (18).jpg

June 26th Tuesday   Company visit

                  (Daito Trust Construction)

We visited Daito Trust Construction company. We got the lectures on Daito Construction business outline and learned about how Japanese buildings are made to endure earthquakes. Seisimic construction is a theme we chose because earuqake is a common challenge both Indonesia and Japan share.

June 27th Wednesday   Scavenger’s Hunt

We played Scavenger’s Hunt and roamed around Shibuya and Harajuku! Some of our quests were to take pictures in front of the famous shrine, the Meiji Shrine, and in front If a Hello-Kitty graffiti wall.
At night, we visited the Town office observatory to see the beautiful night view of Tokyo.

スキャベンジャー (3).jpg
ファーマーズ (14).jpg

June 28th Thursday   Company visit

                   (Farmer’s Market)

We visited The Science Center TEPIA and experienced the advanced technologies. We were taught that advanced technologies are necessary to solve future social problems.
Afterwards, we visited Farmer’s Market, and learned the importance of farmers and consumers connections and the diversity of food. 
For dinner, we went to the requested restaurant, Gyukatsu Motomura.

June 29th Friday   Campus Tour

On this day, we visited the Keio University Hiyoshi Campus. A club that specializes in the Japanese instrument, Shamisen came to play for us, which was an extraordinary experience. Then, the participants joined us in our weekly IIR meetings and got to meet the other IIR members.

日吉キャンパス (8).jpg
高尾山 (45).jpg

June 30th Saturday - July 1st Sunday   Short Trip

We took a short trip to Mountain Takao, which is about 1 hour away from Shinjuku.
For lunch we enjoyed, Buddhist vegan food.
It was a little hot, but we made it to the top. The view from the very top was amazing. 
At night, we stayed at a cottage on Mt. Takao, and cooked Japanese Takoyaki and Indonesian nasigoreng. We also had fun trying some of the Indonesian snacks the participants brought!

July 1st Sunday   Farewell Ceremony

In the afternoon, we went back to the city and held the farewell ceremony. The partcipants presented what they thought and learned about Japan throughout the ceremony. We took many pictures with the Tokyo Tower and enjoyed our last time together at karaoke.

フェアウェル (141).jpg