June 21th Friday  Welcome Ceremony

Welcome ceremony was held at the olympic center.Representative of AIM made a presentation about AIM project and IIR organizations. Participants also made a presentation about Indonesia. After that we had a quiz competition about Indonesia.


​June 22th Saturday Asakusaday

We went to the Edo-Tokyo Museum.  At the Edo-Tokyo Museum, we learned about cities and people's lives during the Edo period.  After that, we visited Sensoji Temple that is famous temple in Japan.  At Sensoji Temple we had a scavenger hunt.  Each team enjoyed eating various foods and taking pictures.  Finally we went to Tokyo Sky Tree and saw the view of Tokyo from the observatory.

June 23th Sunday Yokohamaday


We visited the Cup Noodle Museum.  At the Cup Noodle Museum we made our original Cup Noodles.  We can write the package design and decide the taste.  After that, we made tree teams and did a scavenger hunt.  Each team enjoyed eating around in Chinatown and took a photo in the photo booth.


​June 24th Monday Company visit

​                 (JTB)

We visited JTB company.We got a lecture on the current situation of inbound Japan. In addition, we divided into two groups, including employees, and discussed how to increase inbound in both countries. It was a very meaningful time.

June 25th Tuesday Company visit 

​                          (UDS)

We visited UDS company. We got a lecture about regional development.We were divided into groups. Each group did group work on the ideal future of Indonesian cities.Each member wrote a problem and improvement on the sticky note. Finally, each group gave a presentation.


​June 26th Wednesday  Kamakura day 

On this day we went to Kamakura.Kamakura is famous place for tourists.In Kamakura, we ate around various food.And we visited Hase temple.It's famous for hydrangeas.We visited on June, so we could see a fully bloomed hydrangea.

​June 27th Thursday Company visit 

​               (accenture)

We visited the consulting company.Assuming that we are the company president, we thought how the company has more diversity.We discussed with employees.Finally, each group gave a presentation.


​June 29-30th Saturday-Sunday Short trip

We went to Hakone.In Hakone we made a Yosegi-zaiku a traditional craft, especially famous in Hakone.We had soba for lunch.After that we planned to ride a cruise ship, but it was raining, so we cannot do.And we got into a hot spring.Japanese made a Takoyaki for dinner.And participants made Indonesian food.

June 28th Friday Keio day

We had a tea ceremony experience with the tea ceremony circle of Keio University.Each participants made a tea and drank by proper manner.After that we attended a I.I.R meeting and played some activity with I.I.R members.


​June 30th Sunday Farewell ceremony 

In the afternoon, we went back to the city and held the farewell ceremony. The partcipants presented what they thought and learned about Japan throughout the ceremony.And also organizers made a short speech thorough AIM2019.